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Happiness- The Art of Being Happy

the art of happiness sisterhood agenda

Happiness- the state of being happy. 

Being happy or achieving happiness is something that too few people enjoy. Not everyone has the same “type” of happiness.  One person’s is not the same as the next person.  For example, I may be happiest when playing soccer and you may be happiest reading a book.


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Decision-making: Life’s Blueprint

Decision-making life's blueprint Sisterhood Agenda

Decision-making is known as “life’s blueprint” because they are the plans and blueprints for your whole life. There are 2 types of decision-makers:  those who make their decisions based on their future and those who base their decision on the present. 

What is decision-making? 

Decision-making is the thing that you do as a person that helps to determine your future.


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NEW BrotherCamp Initiative

BrotherCamp Sisterhood Agenda SisterCamp

BrotherCamp Summer Enrichment Program is here!  Many of Sisterhood Agenda’s SisterCamp Summer Enrichment Program participants in the Baltimore metropolitan area have brothers and we are happy to step in-this important cause cannot be ignored.

What is BrotherCamp?

BrotherCamp is a summer enrichment program for boys derived from the same evidence-based,


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Learning More About PTSD

Sisterhood Agenda learn more about PTSD

Most of us can benefit from learning more about PTSD.

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is when you have experienced some sort of trauma earlier in your life, even in your childhood, and you still think about and experience it today.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
How do I know I have PTSD?[…]

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Effective Coping Strategies

Coping strategies are needed for your health, especially your mental health.  Let’s make sure your coping strategies are effective and healthy.

What are coping strategies?

Coping strategies are different ways that a person can use to help deal with a situation or problem.

Coping strategies can be emotional,


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