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Celebrating Sisterhood: 25 Years of Service

Sisterhood Agenda

Promoting sisterhood around the globe, support and empowerment for women and girls.

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Do you enjoy celebrating sisterhood?  If you are reading this, I bet you do! You are invited to join Sisterhood Agenda Celebrating Sisterhood:  25 Years of Service throughout 2019!  Because of you, we are successful.

Sisterhood Agenda’s first group of excellent young ladies graduates from A Journey Toward Womanhood 1994-1995.


Since 1994, Sisterhood Agenda has been uplifting, empowering, and support women and girls. Starting in Durham, North Carolina and traveling around the world, we are proud to be the #1 Sisterhood Agency in the world!

Thank you for putting Sisterhood on your Agenda!

We have exciting events and activities planned throughout the year around our theme of Celebrating Sisterhood:  25 Years of Service.  To receive updates, make sure you are part of our global sisterhood network and follow us on your preferred social media site.


  • Sisterhood Agenda was founded by Angela D. Coleman shortly after she completed her degrees at Princeton University and was motivated to do something about the issues that she studied, including, but not limited to, gender identity, cultural pride, racial identity, stigma, empowerment, social comparison, and self-esteem.
  • Starting out with our founder’s small initial financial investment and no funding or grants, Sisterhood Agenda relied solely on public donations, mostly given by parents of program participants, to implement its first program, A Journey Toward Womanhood.
  • Sisterhood Agenda has won at least one award every year of its existence, sometimes winning 2 or 3 per year, totaling over 30 agency awards.  Go Sisterhood Agenda!
  • In addition to its esteemed team of advisors, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, and interns, Sisterhood Agenda is a multi-generational effort involving our founder, Angela D. Coleman, her mother, Bernice Coleman-Wike, and her daughter, Ayana Coleman-Dixon.
  • Sisterhood Agenda’s reach is massive:  with over 5,000 partners in 36 countries, the organization reaches over 2 million women and girls every year.
  • Sisterhood Agenda built its SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  This unique eco-building is the only one of its kind with its female-centered dedicated safe spaces for health and healing.  In 2017, Sisterhood Agenda was awarded the Energy Global Award for the SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy.


From all of us, in greatest gratitude, thank you for your support for over two decades of sisterhood service.

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