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Sister of N.E.W. Offers Unique Employment Training for Women

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Luisa Ortiz, founder and CEO of Sister of N.E.W., worked for nearly ten years in the construction trades in New York City.  Founded in 2012, Sister of NEW prepares women for nontraditional careers in the construction, utilities, and transportation industries.

Through its innovative training programs, Sister of New graduates successfully compete for skilled blue-collar careers that enable women to achieve economic self-sufficiency.  The nonprofit organization targets low income women, women veterans, and women who receive welfare benefits.

Their programs include a mix of hands-on shop skills, classroom instruction, physical fitness assessment, job development and placement services, social service referrals, and case management.

After graduating from their pre-apprenticeship training program, NEW graduates enter apprenticeship programs and begin working in the construction, utilities, and transportation industries.

Sister of NEW provides placement services to all women who graduate from training. During training, students are evaluated by journey-level tradesmen and women to determine their suitability for the trades. At the end of training, each woman decides which trade she would like to pursue.

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Sister of NEW is a Sisterhood Agenda global partner, listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory.


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