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ACEs Put Women of Color At Risk

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Studies confirm that women of color experience racism, sexism, regular harassment, and assault.  Black women are particularly affected by these daily experiences and experience great stress as a result. These traumas are not new and too often mirror the experiences of a childhood fraught with the same.  ACEs are Adverse Childhood Experiences that put all of us at risk,


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How To Relax

Many of us need to learn how to relax.  Relaxation is necessary for mental wellness, improving our mental health.  Mental health improves our physical health. The key to proper relaxation is reducing and eliminating stress.

Stress happens when we perceive threats to our happiness and well-being. The two major stressors for most people are relationships and money.


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Counseling for Women

Times are changing.  We have all been exposed to something new and something terrifying, some more than others.  It takes great courage to stand up for yourself.  It takes even more courage to reach out for help.

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What is counseling?

Some counselors are made and some counselors are born.


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