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All-Natural Skin Care Saved My Completion

Samantha Lengquist

Acne has been a struggle for me since puberty. I’ve tried countless over the counter acne washes and creams.  Yet, nothing worked. It seemed like everything I tried was a waste of time and money. I gave up on the commercial advertisements as my only source of information and searched the Internet for alternative treatments.

What I found were all-natural, no chemical alternatives that have been utilized in a variety of skin care treatments for years. As a result, I went from never leaving the house without a full face of makeup in order to hide my skin, to going out without makeup to show it off. I typically have oily, acne prone skin that is also very sensitive.

The products that I’m about to mention have not only cleared up my oily acne prone skin, but have also aided in the appearance of scars and minimizing my pores. Of course, as with any skin care routine, it took experimentation. Everyone’s skin reacts differently but the following daily skin care regiment has vastly improved my skin.

Firstly, I begin my daily regiment with a freshly washed face. My face wash cannot be considered an all-natural product because I use a Clarisonic brush along with Clarisonic’s refreshing face cleanser. Exfoliating the dead skin off your face is very beneficial in putting your best face forward. There are, however, natural options for this step such as African black soap to cleanse and exfoliate.

You can also make your own scrub at home with ingredients straight from your kitchen, for example, a mixture of brown sugar, oats, honey, and coconut oil. There are several face exfoliator recipes online. The key is to experiment to find the right one for your skin type.

Secondly, I apply witch hazel as a toner to my clean, dry face using a cotton round.  Witch hazel is known for the removal of excess oils and toxins from the skin. I use Thayer’s brand because it has a variety of scents (I personally use the lavender just because I love anything lavender).

Thirdly, I apply The Body Shop brand tea tree oil using another cotton round. If I’m having a troubling pimple, I wet a cotton swab with tea tree oil and apply it directly to the blemish for a few seconds. The tea tree oil is effective for clearing up blemishes as well as scars.

Fourthly, I spritz my face with the iconic Mario Bradesco brand Rose Water to rehydrate my skin. Rose water also has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and irritation.

As a final step, I apply maracuja oil to moisturize. I know some may wonder if I have oily skin, then why apply more oil? Oily skin is actually a direct result from the skin not absorbing enough oil so it overproduces. This oil helps balance my skin, especially since the witch hazel and tea tree oil can dry skin over time.  It’s important to have some sort of oil or moisturizer if using either product and essential if using both.

This is typically my nighttime skincare routine. Also, to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth I use Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil and apply a fine layer through the hairs using a spoolie brush. Castor oil is known to promote hair growth and strength. To finish, I dab a couple drops of lavender oil on my wrist for a calming effect then I head to bed. In the morning I typically wake up feeling refreshed AND always looking like it.

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