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3 Aromatherapy Scents Inspired by the Sea

Angela D. Coleman
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How much do you know about aromatherapy?  Check out our SEA Ocean Dream Incense.


I have always loved scents.  It was only when I entered my 20’s did I became self-aware enough to realize that scents could influence my mood and how I felt.  Later, I realized that, even more powerful than that, particular herbs and formula’s had energetic properties that were governed by the rules of nature, i.e., the laws of attraction and such.

When I discovered that I could create my own blends based on what I liked and needed at the time, I was hooked!  I started making some things for myself, like incense.  When other people started liking the smells that I created, I started giving hand-rolled incense as gifts to friends and family.   Then, I started making bath salts and sugar scrubs for myself.  I also started giving these creations as gifts, too.

At a trade show in Montreal, Canada


I always have so much fun making aromatherapy products.  It is a creative and freeing experience to mix in whatever smells good to me and experiment.  Because I choose uplifting scents with positive properties, I am always in a good mood when I am making my products.

It makes me feel really good when people tell me how much they love my products because I put my heart and soul into making them.

When I created SEA Ocean Dream Incense, I was inspired by the beautiful Caribbean Sea surrounding the small island of St. John, U. S. Virgin Islands, where Sisterhood Agenda had been implementing local programs for women and youth and we built the SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy eco-facility.

My main purpose was to share specific properties that I enjoyed most about the ocean.  They are Virgin Islands incense because I infuse locally harvested coconut, honey, and cinnamon from the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Who doesn’t want to sparkle?  With Virgin Islands Sparkle, my goal was to create a sensation of positive attraction, like when you enter the crystal clear waters and emerge with skin glistening and popping in the sun, just like sparkles.  The Ylang, Ylang, white rum, and other scents combined with the coconut, honey, and cinnamon is divine.


Honey and honeysuckle have always been my sensual favorites since I was young.  With Virgin Islands Honeysuckle, I wanted to specifically capture the romance of the pinkish, yellow-amber island sunset with the sun descending from the sky into the water and into the mountains.  It is a romantic interlude where those smelling the incense will experience feelings that are romantic, sensual, giving & receiving.


From time to time, our heads and auras get cloudy and overloaded.  As a result, we need to cleanse ourselves, which is far above and beyond simply cleaning our bodies.  Of course, Virgin Islands Frankincense is about spiritual cleansing and renewal.  It is an earthy scent that provokes spiritual Cleansing, that is like an aromatherapy baptism.  Feelings of calmness, healing, and love surround you.

I hope that you enjoy using and smelling my incense as much as I enjoy making them.  I especially like the fact they support Sisterhood Agenda and its mission to educate, support, and empower women and girls around the globe with a diverse and inclusive sisterhood.  Thank you for your support.


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