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Plant-based Diets-Is It Just a Fad?

Are you curious about a plant-based diet or do you think it is just a fad? Is it something we should all try to become healthier and live longer?

A plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to go full-vegan.

You can still eat meat.  However, meat will only be 5-10% of your diet and your meals should mostly consist of green leafy veggies,


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People-Pleasing and How to Avoid It

People-pleasing is a troubling habit that can cause negative effects. The pressure of wanting people to like you is detrimental to your overall health. Have you found yourself wanting to be liked by someone or a group of people you just met?

Wanting to please others and caring about what other people think all the time is a burden.


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Sobriety and its Beauty

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Sobriety can be life-saving, especially now.

Some people are mostly unaware that they’re addicted to anything.  It could be shopping, online games, gambling, alcohol, or worse, like drugs and pain medications.

When you’re mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, you look forward to the weekend,


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