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What Scorpio Season 2020 means for you

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There are 12 astrological signs and twelve seasons in a year.  Each zodiac signs has their own characteristics, and whenever they are in-season, their energy and traits affects us in one way or another.

Scorpio season 2020 started on October 23, 2020, and will end on November 21, 2020.

What are the traits of Scorpio?

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Scorpio is known to be the most intense sign, the deepest, the most passionate, and the most persistent.

Therefore, you should expect yourself and others to dig deeper into hidden issues.  Issues that you never talk about might come out of the surface and, being passionate and emotional, this can cause an argument.
Furthermore, we will be witnessing Halloween’s Rare Blue Moon, which will bring in the unexpected.

What else should you expect from Scorpio season?

  • Since this will fall into the American election, scandals may arise because people will want to “dig in” to deeper secrets and flaws of the candidates.

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With Scorpio being persistent, inquisitive people will dedicate their time to find out what’s hidden.

You are advised to use discernment on any issues that you may hear.  Don’t decide with emotions.

We will all feel intense this season, don’t let it get to you. Pay close attention and use logic.

  • You’ll have an IDGF attitude (not in a bad way).

You will be resilient about what people think of you and you will live the life you desire. You’ll also have no interest in superficial relationships and value more those who are deeply close to you.

  • Scorpio is also about meaningful relationships and you wanted to get deep with the people around you.

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And this would include your love life.  If you think that your relationship is purely superficial this time, you may be able to break it off because you crave connection. This can cause frustration by not getting what you wanted, relationship-wise.

  • For married couples, it is a slippery slope.

You might get into an argument that you will solve in a day or two, which will make your bond stronger. The other scenario is that this argument could lead to broken trust that may or may not disrupt your marriage.

What should you do? Be mindful of what you say or do. Don’t let an argument escalate. Remember we are all tense right now!

  • You may also experience delays in your business/professional life.

Sales may plateau and you may have fewer clients, which can cause you to be frustrated and impatient. Don’t be! This is just a rough patch.

It may also be because of Mars in retrograde, which will go direct on November 13th.

  • Catch up with your friends whom you haven’t seen for a long time, ones you used to have deep conversations with.

This will surely uplift your mood and frustration about the present.

  • Realizing surprising traits about yourself you didn’t know existed will amaze you.

Such resilience and strength, as well as a remarkable focus on things, makes you feel energized, excited to engage in thrill-seeking adventures or do things you haven’t done yet. You will have this newfound courage to go out of your comfort zone.

Good luck this Scorpio season!

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