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Wellness Trends for 2020 Predicted

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Wellness is no doubt one of the top priorities for most people at this time. During previous years, it was not something we discussed as much as we do now. Today, people have become more spiritual and value their minds and body more than ever.

In 2020, information and tools are more accessible than ever to monitor our health, our food intake, and our mental situation.

Because it is a new year, you get another chance to become better; for your soul to be more nourished, your body healthy, your mind, fully aware of what you’re feeling.

Here are the top wellness trends for 2020, predicted:

  1. Meditation

Photo Credit: theformfitness,Pexels

With the increase in anxiety and depression, people have become more aware of mental health. That it is not something you should ignore.  Mental health, like physical health, is important, too.

Meditation is not just a fad and it is here to stay.

This practice has gone mainstream and as mentioned above, people are becoming more spiritual. Several studies show that meditation has an array of benefits such as improving anxiety and depression.

If you’re a beginner maybe you’re intimated by the thought of meditation, it is not that complicated! In fact, there are several apps that will guide you every step of the way via spoon-feeding.

Sisterhood Agenda also has a meditation handout.  It includes bonus mind/body affirmations, too!

Just listen and follow the instructions. On apps like Insight Timer, you can also choose whether you want a guided meditation for sleep, stress, anxiety, and even grief.

2. Spiritual nourishment

Photo Credit: Burst

Self-love and acceptance will be one of the trends this 2020.  However, we have the power to make it more than a trend-we can make it a lifestyle choice.

Today’s workouts are no longer limited to physical activity.  Yoga, sound bath meditations and mindfulness classes in studios are gaining popularity.

In these studios, groups of people meditate at the same time, do breathing exercises, stretch and do yoga. Activities like these will dominate 2020.

3. Smartwatches

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Smartwatches have become a revolutionary tool. As per statistics, smartwatch products will continue to increase by 2022 with an estimated worth of $27 billion.

“We’ve advanced from simply counting steps to bringing health information once only available from a lab or clinical environment—like heart rate and sleep tracking—directly to consumers’ wrists,” According to Fitbit’s VP of Research.

Furthermore, other companies like Huawei, Samsung, and more have joined the bandwagon. More companies producing smartwatches help to make them more affordable for everyone.

4. Sustainability

Photo Credit: Константин Беляев, Adobe Stock

This is not entirely about wellness but more about people’s concern with the environment. Because of social media, we are now aware of the effects of plastic pollution, climate change and others that could harm our environment.

As a result, consumers are now going towards sustainability and corporations know that.

This is why giant cosmetic and personal care companies such as Loreal, Dior, Herbal Essences and Unilever plans to have all their products refillable, reusable, or recyclable.

Presently, Olay launched its refillable jars for their best-selling moisturizer.

5. Bye-bye meat

Photo Credit: CBS News


Veganism rose to popularity a few years ago and people who are non-vegan are willing to give plant-based meat a try.

In December 2019, according to World Animal Protection, there are 250k animals saved annually due to the demands of plant-based substitutes.

This year, brands like Impossible and Beyond hit the market. In fact, plant-based meat is so popular that fast-food chain Burger King started to include them in their menu.

6. CBD for all

Cannabis or CBD products have grown exponentially in 2019 and right now it is growing more than ever. CBD is not just an edible now. It includes several products in the wellness industry, such as CBD-rich balms, pain relief creams, and beauty products.

An example is this Salvation Hemp Skin Salve.

CBD massage treatments, ingestible CBD oil, CBD bath bombs, body oils are also popular products. It is literally EVERYWHERE and people dig it!

According to statistics, CBD will reach an estimated $23.7 billion by 2023.


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