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September – a Magical Month

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September is a significant month in numerology and, whether you believe in it or not, it is no secret that our lives and everything around us revolves around numbers.

Even the time of day, your name, and your birthday, have numerological significance.

But before we go into what September means for us, let us delve right into the history of September and how it is a lucky month in numerology.

In Spanish (Septiembre) it has the most number of letters in a month:  ten. Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician hailed it as a magical figure with deep spiritual meaning.

Ten (10) is a number of growth and the totality of the universe.  It’s when everything comes full circle. The number 10 is about imperfections, personal inner growth, and improvement.

In addition, September is the 9th month in the calendar and 9 is also a powerful vibrational number in numerology.

The number 9 is linked to transitions, completeness, endings, as it is also a magnificent number for creation or manifestation.

What does it mean for us?

As I’ve mentioned above, 9 is a powerful number in Numerology, it also means that every month corresponds to a number that has its own vibration.

The vibrational number 9 represents new beginnings, endings, and a new cycle in your life. Wherever hemisphere you are, it’s the start of a new season.

However, it goes way deeper than the changing of seasons:

  1. It is a time when everything comes full circle and you face all your realizations, especially the lessons you’ve learned along the way.
  2. It is a time when you’ll know how and where to refocus your energies.
  3. This is the time to realize if you’ve accomplished your goals for the year and to organize yourself to face the rest of the year with a positive attitude.
  4. It represents personal growth and your understanding of your place in the world.
  5. It means facing the journey and seeing how far we’ve come all year such as the knowledge and learning experiences.

This month is when you’ll know if you need to focus or intensify what you’ve learned this year. Decide how you’re going to wrap it up and prepare for the next journey in the new year ahead.

All year you’ve been plotting out your goals and resolutions.  You’ve been trying to accomplish them all, enriching yourself, and trying to become a better person.

And now, you’re almost at the end of the road. It is time to gather what you have learned and focus on them, decide which one you’ll let go and which ones you’ll bring with you to the next year.

Think of it as the final phase of the year, the last stage before another phase of another journey. 

Why is September a magical month?

September is associated with the planet Saturn, the planet of karma. That’s why it is a period of realizations.

If you’ve planted seeds at the beginning of the year, now is the time to harvest them, literally and figuratively. Remember the saying “you reap what you sow?”  It applies here, whether it’s professionally, emotionally, spiritually, or humanitarian.

Saturn’s traits are patience, practicality, organization, and thrift.

As a result, you will not be in the mood to gamble your life away this month because you will be inspired to organize and put all your affairs in order in preparation to move forward.

The number 9 is powerful in numerology because of its strong connection with spiritual enlightenment.

Photo Credit: Elly Fairytale, Pexels

If you’ve been trying to manifest your dreams, it is the month where it is most likely to happen!

And if you’ve been wanting to connect with your highest self through meditation and enhance your spirituality, or maybe discover the realm of the unknown, September is the best month to do it.

Number 9 signifies forgiveness, compassion, and most of all success.  This is why it’s a lucky month.

Plus, the number 9 symbolizes compassion and responsibility.  The ultimate purpose of the number 9 is to serve humanity.

Now is the best time to make the world a better place by living in the virtue of selflessness and empathy.

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