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How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

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Have you ever felt inefficient, like you are not living to your fullest potential or being the best version of yourself? You know deep inside that you can do better but you just need a little push to start.

Every day when the sun comes up as a new day, we are all blessed to make it better.

We have a clean slate, especially on a Monday.

Now, how can you reveal the best version of yourself? When you are your best version, you go to bed every night with satisfaction, knowing that you did well. You are proud of yourself.

Get ready to tap yourself on the back saying, “You did good, self, I’m proud of you. Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

Some say that it takes twenty-one days to stick to a habit, to train your mind and body as it becomes muscle memory.

Here are 7 tips to be the best version of yourself:

Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels
  1. Start your day with an exercise, then meditate

Exercising early in the day is one of the best ways to boost your enthusiasm and motivate you for the day. Even a quick yoga session will make such a huge difference. 

Your physical and mental health will be at its best when you work out on a daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be vigorous and it will be totally worth it. You would also feel like a new person. 

Then, you can meditate to let go of toxic debris before starting heavy mental tasks at work. You will be able to focus better and have more patience. 

  1. Be grateful

Photo Credit: The Lazy Artist Gallery, Pexels

When you start or end your day counting your blessings, you will feel more fulfilled and good things will come. It has something to do with the Law of Attraction. 

Whether you believe it or not, being thankful for the things you have will shift your focus on your blessings instead of your shortcomings.

When you feel negative and unmotivated, list out the things you’re grateful for. I promise you, it will suddenly lift you up.

Make it a habit either before bed or when you wake up.

  1. Categorize your tasks

List three crucial tasks you have for the day. This is to avoid overwhelming yourself and will help you to prioritize. 

Which makes the largest impact? Do these top task first and do the easy and less important ones afterward.  

For example:  1. Write a sales page (deadline tomorrow) 2. Create a blog post 3. Performance review or meeting

4. Stop the fear of failure

Are you afraid of taking up new challenges because of the fear of failure? Do you get close to achieving a breakthrough but then something happens and your heart gets broken? 

Failure is a part of life and once you accept it, you will become free of this fear and treat every failure as a lesson.  This mental shift allows you to come back up five times stronger.

5. Stop thinking negatively

Photo Credit: Binti Malu, Pexels

Examples of negative self-talk:
“I’ll never make money with this situation.”
“I’m so inadequate, I could never ace that interview.”

Stop doing this to yourself. Accept a compliment when it is given and believe you deserve it.

As humans, it is normal for us to have negative thoughts. Some believe that it is embedded in our DNA as part of our survival.  But if it’s too much, it will destroy your self-esteem.  You will even think about things that are not even there or not even true. It becomes irrational.

And worse, it becomes a habit and this can close a myriad of opportunities for you, including opportunities to make friends, to advance in your career, and to feel good in your own skin.

Quiet that inner critic and practice being kind to yourself. A daily practice of positive affirmations could help you train your mind to think positively.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

Stay on your lane!  Just because your high school mate is richer or more successful than you doesn’t make you less of a person.

Everyone has their own struggles and you should focus more on your goals. 

Be happy for other’s success and happiness. Try to remove envy and jealousy as it creates negative energy for yourself and toward the people you’re comparing yourself to.

7. Make your goals bigger

List out your goals and think of ways to make them bigger. Play with your imagination and use your creativity!

This activity will encourage you to have bigger hopes and dreams and realize that nothing is impossible. 

Let’s say your goal is to earn $500 dollars a week. How can you make it into $1,000 a week? There are no wrong answers here.

This is a fun way to practice making your dreams a reality. Or convert your hobby into a flourishing career. Make your business idea a reality.

Bear in mind that you are more powerful than you know and whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve.

Your best version is just around the corner and it’s just waiting for you to unleash it.

Prepare to upgrade.

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