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Budget-Friendly Productive Home Office

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A budget-friendly home office setup could be a bit challenging to execute if you don’t do enough research because you’ll end up spending more.

The good news is, in this article, we did all of that for you! We listed simple, straightforward tips on how to set up your home office without hurting your budget.

Whether you are working from home due to COVID-19, got tired of commuting or driving to and from work or you just decided to do all the work at home for a change, this is where you start.

Do you live in a small space? That won’t be a problem! All you need are some tools, ready to assemble furniture and you’re good to go.

Step 1-  Find a space

Photo Credit: Andrew Neel, Pexels

For good lighting and no additional expenses on light bulbs (not unless you work at night) set up your working area near the window.

The good news is that natural sunlight gives you Vitamin D, which means extra energy and happy hormones for you throughout the day.


If this isn’t possible, you can use a spare room in your house, a stair landing, or a part of your living room in the corner where you won’t be easily distracted.

Your working area should be well-lit and space should be clutter-free.  Your productivity relies on how conducive your home office is for work and productivity.

Step 2 – Visualize and draw your plan

This will decrease the chances of making uncalculated mistakes like buying long tables that wouldn’t fit the space, and so on.

In this part of the planning process, you can also include the design you want. Don’t worry:  there are lots of DIY decors you can easily create yourself.

List down what you want and your general concept. Is it Scandinavian, minimalist? Or tropical? You can decide and incorporate them later.

Just stick with me for a minute and we will share budget-friendly DIY design tips in step 4.

Step 3- Buy a budget-friendly furniture

A home office won’t be a home office without a table and a comfortable chair, and your laptop, of course.  That’s a given.

So how do you make it budget-friendly? You don’t need to look elsewhere yet.

Find old furniture and repurpose them.  All you need is some creativity and you can build the most amazing home office!

You may have an old vanity table or a kitchen table lying around. You will only need one of the following to make it look brand new: a fresh coat of paint, wall decals, and wallpaper stickers.

Go to thrift stores, check craigslist, and ask your relatives for a swap.

If you’re crafty and have enough time on your plate, construct your own office furniture. You can get an inexpensive wood board for a shelf and table in one.

You can make a desk like this DIY home office from Country Living Magazine:

Photo Credit: DAVID TSAY, Country Living

For the chair, it really depends on what you want.  You can also get an inexpensive ergonomic chair for total comfort like this Ergonomic Executive Chair with Armrests from Amazon for $69.

Or, you can use a dining chair and place some comfy throw pillows for your back. It’s totally up to you.  There’s no right or wrong in this scenario.  Just make sure it properly supports your back.

Step 4-  Look for budget-friendly designs

Apply a fresh coat of light-colored paint in your workspace, if needed.  This will improve your mood and productivity when you’re working.

Print some inspirational quotes to hang up your wall. You can either buy affordable frames or frame them with colorful washi tapes!

Photo Credit:

If you want tropical-bohemian vibes, add some plants on the corner, print some digital paintings of tropical leaves, and frame them.

Photo Credit:

You can also add macrame hanging wall decors for that bohemian vibe.  Here’s a stunning 2 pc Bohemian Art Decor from Amazon.

In addition, you can throw in some fairy lights for that magical feel!

Here are other items you can buy in Amazon for DIY design and it won’t even cost you a lot:

  • These Tropical Leaf Wall Decals will elevate your home office atmosphere. Besides, green relaxes your mind! You will be able to focus better. Just peel em and stick them. How easy is that?!
  • These cute washi tapes will add glow to your home office when used as a frame.
  • You may need this elegant motivational wall art for a clean minimalist look.
  • Faux bricks are also a popular trend for budget-friendly home designs. It adds texture to the wall as it looks like real bricks. And the good news is, it’s so inexpensive!

When it comes to creating your home office, plan according to your vision. Don’t be intimidated as there are so many easy ways to make your vision come true.

You can do your own research and ask for some tips from your family and friends. But the most important thing about creating your space is that you have fun.

Now, let me warn you:  this process could be really tricky, challenging, and may test your patience a bit.  But at the end of the day, there’s nothing more fulfilling than creating your very own office space!

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