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Sisters Netcare Service-Fighting Against The Abuse of Women & Children

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Sisters Netcare Service (SNS) is a Sisterhood Agenda global partner listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory.

SNS is a church-related, non-profit, community-based organization that fights against the abuse of the rights of women and children.

Moreover, they conduct livelihood training workshops for women from poverty-stricken homes in three villages of Ghana: Mampong, Obom, and Anomabu.

But that’s just a part of the story.  SNS also helps in the struggle for economic empowerment among poor and marginalized women.

SNS provides education, training project,s and caring for the elderly. They promote various initiatives for peace and to international friendships.

SNS also empowers women to establish their own identities and resolve problems in their lives.

Sisters Netcare Service trains women who are unemployed, yet eager to support themselves.

The training that SNS provides helps women in passing on skills that allow them to become self-reliant.

Furthermore, SNS also supports persons with disabilities who have often been abandoned by their families. They help them by assisting with their livelihood and coordinating assistance from AIC UK.

SNS is led by Ms. Juliana Bonsie as the President

In addition to Ms. Bonsie, Mr. Henry Kofi Sampson serves as their Program Coordinator.  Marketing and reach-out efforts are handled by Ms. Margaret Amamu.  All of them reside in Accra, Ghana.

SNS history

In 2006,  SNS received a grant from AIC to fund training workshops in Ghanaian villages.  International Association of Charities (AIC) in Belgium have considered SNS for affiliation.  AIC – International Association of Charities is an organization with 100,000 local volunteers, mostly women, who work in their local communities with the aim to combat poverty.

One of the first workshops to be completed by SNS was to produce batik and tie-dye clothes and sewing shirts.

And the good news is, they are in search of customers and dealers!

Astonishing, isn’t it? And guess what? They have other workshop projects as well!

Other workshop projects

  • As mentioned above, Batik and Tie & Dye Training.

After training the women, SNS sources funds to set up a system for women participants to form groups to produce and sell their products. Through this initiative, women can support themselves, have more improved living standards, and become self-sufficient.

  • Hairdressing

For this particular project, a group of women is ready for training. However,  SNS is still searching for funds to start the workshop. The funds would be used to supply them with hairdryers and other hairdressing supplies to set them up.

After completion of the workshop, women participants will form groups in various villages where they will earn income and improve their lives.

  • Seamstressing (Sewing)

Sisters Netcare Service will provide selected groups of women with sewing machines for training. The group chosen for this project are school dropouts and singles mothers and those who came from very poor homes.

  • Elderly (Aged)

This project aims to assist the elderlies on the villages, sending them to the hospital and trying to cook for those who have no one taking care of them.

Sisters Netcare Service also renovates their homes if they have inhabitable housing.  In addition, they find new homes for the homeless.

SNS is also looking to buy a piece of land to create a home and a center.

Right now SNS are looking for donors and volunteers, philanthropists and charitable organization who will help them with this project benefitting countless women.

Available Products:

Artisans represented by SNS offer the following products:

  • Batik shirts
  • Batik cloths
  • Tie-dye shirts
  • Tie-dye cloths

How to buy their products?

SNS is accepting orders for small batches of hand-made batik and tie-dye shirts. You may have to get in touch with them on their website.

SNS can ship small quantities of items and with discounts for bulk orders.  The buyer pays for the shirts and the shipping upfront.

Do you want to be one of their volunteers or one of their partners? They need you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to lend a helping hand.

SNS is currently looking for volunteers, donors, and charitable institutions to support their cause. They are also looking for business partners who are interested in distributing clothes and, in the near future, more products made by the SNS training workshop graduates.

Here’s the good news! Even if you are not from Ghana, you can definitely market these beautiful hand made tie-dyed clothes and support Sisters Netcare Service.

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