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5 Tips to Create a Healing Space to Empower Women and Girls

Angela D. Coleman
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Where do women and girls gather?

If you have girl power programs, Sister Circles, or other women’s empowerment activities, you know that you need a physical space where these activities take place.  Have you given a lot of thought about what that space looks like?  Feels like? You really should!

A healing space is warm and welcoming.  It is an empowering space for next-level experiences, bonding, releasing, and learning.

Your space can be like a home away from home.  There are plenty of ways to create maximize your efforts to educate, support, and empower your participants and make sure that it is a safe space that promotes healing and connection.


Using a few suggestions from my guide, How to Create a Healing Space to Empower Women & Girls, I will share five tips with you right now.  Watch the video and/or read below!


Treat the space like a blank canvas.  Your space needs to be clean and free of all clutter.  Keep supplies and materials in closets, drawers, cabinets, and decorative storage solutions such as storage ottomans and baskets. Surfaces should be clear and clean, too.


For your wall colors, I recommend soothing, neutral colors that do not elicit emotional responses like excitement, shock, or fear. Warm whites (not white-white can be hospital-like and institutional), light beiges, and creamy colors tend to lend themselves to the “blank canvas” approach that you want to take with the women and girls participating in your programs.

Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills


Not limited to just color, natural elements can be incorporated into your space through furniture, artwork, shapes and texture, such as circular mirrors and a soft, fluffy cashmere throw on the couch.


The size of your space does not dictate how nice it is or how healing it can be.  You can create a beautiful, peaceful, empowering space of any size when you follow principles of scale.  Scaling principles are simple:  small rooms require small furnishings.  Large rooms require larger furnishings.  Remember, do not put too many things in any single designated space.

Town and Country


Whenever possible, include diverse cultural representations in your design.  Items such as African and African American art, Indian textiles, and Asian artifacts go a long way in embracing the beauty of exotic, global locations while simultaneously affirming the cultural identities of those whom you serve.

There are other considerations, as well.  Use your judgment to discern what is best for you and the women and girls whom you work with.  Your extra effort and special touches will make a big difference.

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