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Zaji Says We Can Be One Sisterhood-Again

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Sisterhood Agenda caught up with freelance writer, author, and artist zaji.  USA Today says her latest book, When We Were One (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents):  “Zaji’s imaginative tale will spur us to think and be entertained.”  Find her phenomenal words about sisterhood below:

Regarding my ideology around sisterhood: I can only express what I remember, from my soul journey, and share how that memory couples with my experiences to create a unique understanding of sisterhood.


Do we have moments of sisterhood in our personal lives? Of course. Most of my sister friends I’ve known for upwards of 35 years and counting. I keep strong bonds with the women I’ve come to call my sisters. But I see the divide. I see what keeps us from being fully engaged and in contact with each other.

“True sisterhood for me can only live inside a space of true freedom.”


Without a concept of organic freedom that is genuine and without artificial controls, the planet can never go back to when we were one. Love for each other begins with us seeing each other as the mothers of Earth, the daughters of Gaia. Women are the keepers of the land, the protectors of Earth.  We’ve forgotten that. But once we remember, and I mean truly remember, Gaia will empower us with the ability to regenerate our planet so that our children can live in organic freedom and live in relative peace.


Media continues to distort our concept of sisterhood by showing women fighting and behaving badly toward each other for petty and materialistic things. It is sometimes difficult to see sisterhood manifesting. But when I see groups like Sisterhood Agenda, my faith is restored that Gaia is speaking through many of us.


I see sisterhood manifest when women like Taraji P. Henson screams with delight for her sister friend, Viola Davis, after her Emmy win. I see sisterhood manifest when daughters are reconnecting with their mothers in an effort to heal the past. I see sisterhood manifest when organizations like Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival for nearly two decades, continues to highlight women filmmakers, giving brown women a platform for artistic expression in films. I see sisterhood manifest when an organization supports a budding author as she embarks on her journey through the literary world.

“Women around the globe are working to take back our power. It is time…it is time.”

To Be One

We can most definitely be one sisterhood. But we need to redefine the meaning of sisterhood so that an organic definition exists. By defining ourselves based on the construct of this culture, we lose our voice. We need to take back our voice and give true meaning to what it means to be a part of a sisterhood.


Our voice with our definition creates a new vibration. Sounds create vibrations that permeate everything. When we speak to another’s definition of who we are, that vibration permeates every cell in our body. We can make our bodies believe that which is not true by vibrating the wrong energy. Who are we? Why are we?

Sisterhood cannot have a lasting cultural affect while the structures created to keep women in place exists. True sisterhood will rise again when we return to matriarchal societies that were once standard around the planet on most continents.

“As women, we must know ourselves before we can endeavor to understand our sisters, or anyone else or thing on this planet, for that matter.”

When we discover who we really are and our place in the universe, it is then that we can affect change and connect with women who are working toward the goal of healing Gaia.  Know who you are. We are one, ladies. This fact exists outside of our acknowledgement of it. There is a quote I heard many years ago. I’m paraphrasing.

sisterhood calvary316

Agreement, understanding or recognition is not a prerequisite for truth. Truth does not require us to agree with it, recognize it or understand it. It will be what it is, regardless of the fact that we are incapable of seeing it. Truth sees itself and will be there when we surface from the darkness of our slumber.

“We, women, are already one.  See that, and Gaia will hear you and respond to help manifest that which will bring balance back to Earth.”

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