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Sobriety and its Beauty

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Sobriety can be life-saving, especially now.

Some people are mostly unaware that they’re addicted to anything.  It could be shopping, online games, gambling, alcohol, or worse, like drugs and pain medications.

When you’re mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, you look forward to the weekend, and when Friday arrives, you can finally “have a drink.”

In my case (which I will shamelessly share in this article), it’s not always a few drinks.  When I used to drink, I would always get hammered, wasted, and entirely too impaired to function. I only put down the glass when I could no longer walk straight and I slept with the ceiling spinning over me.

It always started with occasional drinking that turned much more serious, drinking a lot every single weekend.

It’s like a vicious cycle:  I drink, I get hungover, I regret my actions and promise not to do it again, I recover, then I drink again the next weekend.

I am not in denial I know I have a drinking problem.  I am proof that you don’t have to be drinking on a daily basis to have a drinking problem.

If you’re also like me, let’s explore how beautiful it is to be sober and how you can win against alcohol or any addiction.

First here are some benefits of being sober:

1. You can save more money on sobriety

Think about it:  if a bottle of wine costs $6.00 and you drink a bottle every weekend you save $24.00 a month, which is $252.00 a year! And that’s only for one bottle every weekend.  What if you consume more wine bottles every week? Imagine how much money you can save.

2. You will get your beauty sleep

Drinking more than three glasses of alcohol (estimated) can disrupt sleep patterns and reduces REM sleep.  You may have thought you slept deeply but when you wake up, you feel drowsy and unable to concentrate.  That is because of the alcohol in your body.

With the absence of alcohol, your cells will regenerate and you can have REM sleep which will improve your learning, memory, and your mood.

You know the feeling when you’ve had too much to drink and you sleep right away? You wake up you still wanting to sleep more or just sleep the entire day. It’s the alcohol. That’s why you feel sleep-deprived.

3.  With sobriety, you will get to experience more in life

Photo Credit: Matheus Bertelli, Pexels

When you’re in bed the entire day, your world is just the four walls of your bedroom.

When you’re not battling with a hangover on a Saturday or a Sunday, you can do so many enjoyable things and experience adventures people, the ones that people with no hangovers can experience.

For example, you can do a morning jog without feeling like you want to throw up.  You can wake up early and catch the sunrise or cook a sumptuous meal for breakfast. You can do early yoga or meditation at the nearby park and meet new people.

4. You might lose some extra weight

Alcohol is full of empty calories, liquid with no nutritional value.  One full glass of wine is 83 calories, like a tiny slice of carrot cake. A bottle of beer is 154 calories.

When you don’t consume these calories and give up alcohol you might even lose a few extra pounds without any additional effort.

5. You gain real friends in sobriety

Photo Credit: Nappy, Pexels

The new people that you meet and the friendships that are formed while under the influence of alcohol may not be authentic. When most people are under the influence of alcohol, they’re happy with no inhibitions; it’s not the “real you.”

Real friendships are formed on days when you both can see the real person.

Have you ever experienced making instant friends in the bar when you had four tequilas? And when you saw the person in a sober state, there was no spark, but rather awkwardness?

6. By being sober, you practice self-love

Being sober means staying healthy and by doing so, you are prolonging your life, taking care of your body, your physical mental, and emotional state.

In sobriety, you’re giving your body the respect that it needs and deserves.

Imagine when you’re traveling and you choose to get drunk. What if you’d have just explored the wonderful place you’re in instead of getting wasted at a local bar?

“When you drink alcohol you are just borrowing happiness from tomorrow.”

-Author Unknown

7. You’ll be in a great place mentally 

When you don’t achieve REM sleep due to drinking alcohol, you’ll likely feel irritable and moody. In addition, alcohol is a depressant that can cause depression with long-term use.

Alcohol provides temporary happiness, a natural high. Yes, when you improve your lifestyle by being sober, you become more stable with enhanced clarity.

You will become happier with fewer mood swings. You can achieve your goals without health problems stopping you.

8. You will look radiant

When you were out all night drinking, you may notice the dark circles under your eyes, sunken cheeks, and there might even be a new pimple or two.

Why?  Because alcohol is inflammatory. They say drinking wine makes you look younger, however too many glasses of wine will do more than that. You’ll get the opposite. You’ll be tired looking, dehydrated, extra thirsty, and weak.

Avoiding alcohol will give you plumper cheeks and clearer skin so that you will look and feel healthy.

9. You’ll feel more robust

Toxic chemicals deteriorate your body. Your kidneys and your liver are being overworked to filter those toxic chemicals.

When you are not putting alcohol in your body, you will have more energy.  You will feel more alert, strong, and focused.

You’re doing your body a huge favor.

Sobriety tips:

  1. Do something productive at the usual time that you drink. For example, you always drink on a Friday night, enroll in a Pilates or painting class. Keep yourself busy so you don’t have to think about it.
  2. List out the pros and cons on a sheet of paper. Paste in on your wall to remind you of it on a daily basis.
  3. Compute your expenses on alcohol on what you can save in a month or in a year. Commit to saving it by opening a bank account.  Call it your “sober fund.”
  4. Be with sober people. Don’t put yourself near temptation. This is quite difficult but doable.

When you commit to not drinking but you still hang out with friends who drink, you will fall off the wagon. Pretty much guaranteed.  So, stay away!

Change is not always good, but it is necessary. Without change we won’t be able to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Do this for yourself, for your kids (or future kids), and last but not least, for your peace of mind.

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