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Environment-Friendly Gift Ideas For Everyone

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Environment-friendly gifts are in!

We can never stress enough how serious plastic pollution and global warming is and it is our responsibility in keeping our planet clean so that it will still be inhabitable for future generations.

We came up with eco-friendly gift ideas for you. This not only helps with the environment.  With your gifts, you are also encouraging other people to use eco-friendly products as a way of caring for the environment.

Cute Cloth  Bags

You can put your snacks or sandwiches in when you’re on the go and the cute patterns make them easy to spot in your bag when you look for them.

Wash them in the washing machine, let it dry and it’s good to go. Isn’t it fun to choose from the cute patterns?





Bamboo Toothbrushes    


Plastic toothbrushes are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable whereas bamboo toothbrushes are completely biodegradable and renewable.

According to customer reviews, they are also comfortable in the hand and the bristles feel gentle on the gums and clean just the same way as the plastic variant that we’re used to.

However, bamboo can acquire moisture if not dried properly, so you have to air dry them or put them in an open container.

Reusable Straws



There are different kinds of reusable straws but the most efficient one is the metal straw.

It’s easy to clean and doesn’t bend easily.

This is a great way of reducing single-plastic straw use.





Reusable make-up wipes

Often, we don’t realize how wasteful the products are that we use every day.

Reusable makeup wipes are a guilt-free and environment-friendly alternative that you can give to your bestie who wears makeup on a daily basis.






A Bidet

A bidet may not be an obvious choice for an environment-friendly product but if you come to think of it, you can save a lot of tissue paper from washing your bum! By doing that it won’t require you to use lots of tissue paper.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you’re going to use toilet paper, use bamboo toilet paper. This is the environment-friendly alternative to toilet paper made from virgin trees.  These are 100% recyclable and the company doesn’t use plastic for their packaging.  Another bonus: Who gives a crap donates 50% of their profit to communities who don’t’ have access to toilets.

Reusable beeswax wraps

Beeswax is an environment-friendly and natural alternative to plastic wrap.  You can use beeswax to wrap up meat, fruits, cheese, pack a snack or cover a bowl. Instead of using cling wrap that is made of plastic, reusable beeswax wraps are a completely zero-waste product.  This would be a perfect gift for your mom your aunt who loves to cook or your friend who loves hosting a barbecue.


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