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Gale Anne Hurd, Historical Recorder of Women’s Extraordinary Strength, Continues to Highlight the Underrepresented in Film

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Gale Anne Hurd, producer of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Terminator, and Alien, is in the editing stages of  her third documentary film about Native Americans titled Mankiller. 

Wilma Mankiller

Don’t let the name fool you!  Mankiller is a film is about Wilma Mankiller, a Native American woman who was  elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation, one of the largest Native American nations within the U.S, three times.  Why focus on Native American culture?

“I am a huge supporter of Native Americans and Native American culture, and considering they were the original inhabitants of our land, I think they’re the most underrepresented in terms of our history books and what we know about their culture.”

Thankfully, Gale brings strong women and diversity to the media industry:

“If you go back and look at my filmography, and obviously The Walking Dead as well, you’ll see a history of telling stories about ordinary women who are faced with extraordinary challenges and overcome them, often saving the world in the process.”

With her unique perspective, Gale clearly understands the cultural marginalization and assimilation dilemmas that many ethnic groups face.  She similarly highlights shining examples of who and what we can be as women.  We do not just overcome, but lead, as well:

“We really, actually have had a woman leading a nation within the United States…  it’s so surprising that fantastic fictional characters like Michonne and Carol are known worldwide, not just in the United States, and yet a true leader like Wilma Mankiller isn’t.”

It looks like that will change very soon.  Go Gale!  You can view Mankiller updates at Gale’s Kickstarter page.

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