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Is sisterhood spiritual?  Of course it is! Our sisterhood is inherently spiritual. Spiritual sisterhood is where we are and always have been.

What You Can Do To Help Women Worldwide
In many of ancient practices of spirituality, women have served as important symbols, practitioners and leaders. It’s crucial to remember the strong bond between women- spiritually and in physical sisterhood:

“As human beings we are all connected, but in our experience as women we have a special bond as sisters.”

Spiritual Science
Modern science has been able to identify our connection to the Universe and to each other. Quantum Physics tells us that when everything in the universe is broken down to the smallest particle, we can see it is all the same. This finding proves physical oneness, which spiritual thinkers has been stating for years. Our spiritual oneness with a Higher Power, Universe, Divine Intelligence, or God has been expressed often.

Sisterhood and Spiritual Connections
Women have been marginalized, and placed in a lower position or cast by various cultures and religions. However, when women see our direct connection with the Universal Intelligence, we can act on our spiritual gifts, for example, our love, strengths and leadership.

How do we begin to take charge of our spiritual collective as women?  We must know and consistently remember who we are, where we came from, what we came from, and who we are destined to be.

“With all the abuse suffered by women around the world, it is imperative that we must stand together, watch out for each other, and remind our sisters of their spiritual gifts.”

No longer can we tear each other down, or stand by why our sisters are being abused. Every women is in every women through our spiritual creation.

We urge you to treat your sister as the Spiritual Being that she is.

To invest time in higher learning about yourself as a spiritual sister, consider registering for the Women’s Spirituality Program.

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