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Teaching Girls To Be Confident

Teaching girls to be confident starts at home. If you have a daughter, most likely you want her to be equipped with courage and confidence.  You do not want her to fall into depression and anxiety and be vulnerable to hurtful words. If so, read on because this is for you.


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Body Shaming-How Do We Stop It?

What is body shaming?

Body shaming has been around since the birth of magazines and other media display platforms.

Models are put on the pedestal like they are perfect creatures or goddesses.

You see models on TV, on runways, and on magazines and you want to be like them. 


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Fighting Gender Inequality In The Workplace

Fighting gender inequality in the workplace sounds like a challenging thing to do.  However, if we work together as one, we can handle it and women all over the world will have equal opportunities.

First of all…

What is Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination happens when someone is being treated poorly because of his or her gender.


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Sisters Netcare Service-Fighting Against The Abuse of Women & Children

Sisters Netcare Service (SNS) is a Sisterhood Agenda global partner listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory.

SNS is a church-related, non-profit, community-based organization that fights against the abuse of the rights of women and children.

Moreover, they conduct livelihood training workshops for women from poverty-stricken homes in three villages of Ghana: Mampong,


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Empower Women And Girls in 10 Simple Ways

Empower women and girls in your own simple ways. We’ve listed our suggestions on how you can become a sister.

What is women’s empowerment?

Women empowerment includes efforts aimed at encouraging young girls and women with a mentality of can-do instead of can’t-do.

It is building an environment where women have a voice and they are being heard and respected.


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