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Having Meditation Troubles? Read This

Meditation troubles don’t have to keep you from progressing with your spiritual development.  Some of us have great difficulty meditating.

Meditation is about going inward and releasing external attachments.

Helpful tips

Those who meditate regularly can experience heightened bliss, peace, and relaxation.

Sisterhood Agenda’s Meditation Handout can simplify this process for you so that you can reap the many benefits of meditation right away.


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The Benefits of Starting a Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby. Today, I am going to share with you hobbies that every woman should try. 

It helps to have a hobby.

Indulging yourself in various activities has been proven to be beneficial to a woman’s overall wellness.  In addition to discovering a new skill, it can be your momentary pause from your busy life,


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Trauma-Informed Yoga for Women

Trauma-informed yoga for women has been implemented in juvenile centers, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals for victims of abuse and trauma.

In fact, this yoga study demonstrates significant changes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) scores and other areas of well-being.

How trauma-informed yoga can help with PTSD and trauma

Trauma-informed yoga is slightly different from regular gym yoga. 


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Find Your Proud Warrior With These Fitness Inspirations

Women’s fitness creates a strong sisterhood.  Sisterhood Agenda knows that a good support system is helpful for long-term success when it comes to meeting your fitness and weight loss goals.  Our Pinterest gives you a sense of our uniqueness as individuals and our beauty as a diverse, empowered sisterhood.  If you want to get inspired,


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Finding Sisterhood Through Yoga

Yes, finding sisterhood through yoga just might be a lot easier than you think:

“To embrace the true meaning of sisterhood is remembering to become the sister that we want to have in our lives.”

Ninety percent of the practitioners of yoga are female. What does that tell us about the story of yoga in both the modern sense as well as in the development of the practice of yoga?


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