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The Return of the Pack

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As new trends are emerging and others are being set, there is one trend that has made an enormous comeback:  the fanny pack.

Photo credit:  Melody Jacob on Unsplash

Since as far back as 1954, the fanny pack could be seen worn mostly by cross-country skiers as a way to hold things such as their lunch or small things they may need. But it quickly started to emerge and become more of a fashion statement in the 1980’s.

I was never a huge fan of fanny packs, although I am an 80’s baby.  It was just one of those trends I was not interested in. I would say to myself, “I would never wear a fanny pack.”  And I would ask myself, “What could I possibly hold in such a little pouch?” But that all changed my second semester in school.

By my second semester, I fell completely in love with fanny packs. The fanny pack became a part of my everyday outfit. Being a fashion design major, your hands are always full of something, whether it be your sewing kit, some fabric, or something else. I was in search of a purse that I could carry with me on days my arms and hands were full or when I had more than one class that day. I did not want another small cross-body purse because it was just another bag I eventually had to worry about and remember to grab.  I needed something small I could carry with me that could hold the personal things I needed such as my house keys, identification, and lip balm.

While working at the local thrift store in my area, I came across two plain black fanny packs, that I did not hesitate in purchasing. I didn’t really know just what to expect carrying my fanny pack, but after I had got some compliments on them (because I dyed them) I knew it was a trend I had grown to love.

What started out as just a small bag I needed to carry on days my arms and hands was full on campus, turned out to be one of my favorite everyday accessories. I now have about ten different fanny packs in six different colors, and I am working on adding more colors to my collection.

As an aspiring fashion designer, I am working on mastering the skills I have learned in school so that I may someday soon design and make my very own fanny packs.

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