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Slaying the Prints

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From black and white polka dots to floral and stripes, prints in women’s clothing are an excitingly interesting way to set an eye catchy trend that anyone can rock. People from all walks of life have their very own way of mixing and matching their prints, along with a cohesive color scheme.

Have you thought about paring your prints but was not quite sure how or what is the best way to mix the prints? If so, I have a couple suggestions that may help. However, I believe each person should always be his/her own trendsetter.

Camielle Lawson Livingstone believes:

“Wearing prints and patterns is supposed to be a fun part of getting dressed up, and finding the perfect print is like finding the perfect accessory.”

I believe in setting trends rather than following them and always living out loud in style. However, if you choose to mix and match your prints, trying being cohesive with the color schemes that are within the prints. For example, you might not want to mix an extremely warm color like orange with a cool color such as blue, unless the prints and the colors both can cohesively flow together as one.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

If you are going to mix prints such as polka dots and stripes, make sure both prints are at least the same size in width and lengthen; you don’t want large polka dots and super small strips that can be barely be seen; it leaves little room for the eyes’ creativity.

If your choice of prints is more geared towards ethnic prints such as African or Asian prints, they can still be mixed.  My advice:  focus on the colors of the fabrics you are trying to mix and match. For example, most African prints have lots of colors already in the fabric, along with a particular print. If that is the route you want to go, cool!  However, I would not try mixing a ton of more colors for the pants or the top. I would choose one of the colors from your top and use that color with whatever opposite print you chose for your pants.  This way, everything stays cohesive for your look.

Lastly, just have fun with mixing and matching your prints, getting dressed up, playing around with different patterns and colors, and being completely bold. I think your individual style and uniqueness is what sets you apart from everyone else.

If you are trendsetter who doesn’t want to follow a color scheme and you don’t care how big the print in your shirt is compared to the print in your pants, then DON’T!  Your personal style is what sets you apart from the next trendsetter, the next fashionista, the next designer, model, etc.

Rachel Zoe says:

“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.”

I could not agree more.

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