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What is fashion design? Some may think of it as wearing designer labels, showing off one’s accessories, or having the newest brands that hit the market, but there is more to fashion design than meets the eye. Fashion design is a form of art; it involves creating clothing, accessories, and footwear for modern fashion. Modern fashion is what most of us wear, and it can be broken into two categories—haute couture and ready-to-wear.

Haute couture

Haute couture is high-end fashion that it is fashionable, exclusive, and very expensive. Not every designer who designs clothes make clothes that are considered couture. For a designer’s work to be rendered couture, the designer must be able to showcase a new collection at least twice a year, be able to create a minimum of 30+ different designs for either spring/summer or fall/winter collections, and be a part of the Syndical Chamber. The Chamber is the regulating commission that determines which fashion design houses are eligible to be a true haute couture house. Now within this organization, the Syndicale is a group that not only promotes, educates, and represents its members, but it also deals with social and working benefits and advises its members.


Ready-to-wear designs are the complete opposite of couture. Unlike couture, where the designs are made and designed for a certain customer, ready-to-wear is not. Ready-to-wear designs are more standard-sized, and they generally are not custom-made, but they could be. Also, ready-to-wear is split into two categories—designer/creator and collections. Both of these can have a high quality along with a unique design. Strong ready-to-wear designs are made to stand out and make a statement and mostly represent a particular idea. However, both haute couture and ready-to-wear collections are seen on various runways including international runways.

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