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The changing of the leaves, the smell of pumpkin, apple, and spice, begins the perfect season. As the temperatures are beginning to drop, many of us are grabbing our winter coats and bundling up. But let us not forget that this is the perfect season for layering it up.

Fall is the perfect season to get inspired, to be creative and be super-stylish with your layers. Laying clothing is a term described as a way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. Some of the layers have different silhouettes with large overlapping pieces, with much smaller pieces underneath.  Using more or fewer layers, or replacing one layer but not others allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation.

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Most layering starts with what is called a base-layer. The base-layer is nothing more than a blouse or top that is worn closer to the body, and from there is where you add other pieces. You could put together a look such as a blouse or a top, and then add a vest of some sort and, depending on the thickness of the vest, you could add a blazer or a jacket.  If it is one of those really chilly mornings, you could throw a scarf on.

Now, you do not always have to do a three-layered look.  You could simply do the two-layered look and still throw your scarf on. However, I mostly prefer to layer in three’s.  It is just more fun to me.  You might ask, “Well, how do I know if I am layering things right?” I personally think layering is one’s personal way of dressing and their own unique style, but for those who feel like they just need to make the perfect layered look, here are few steps to give you an idea. But remember:  your personal style is always perfect, also.

5 Steps to a Perfectly Layered Outfit 

  1. You should start your first piece off with a light weight top or blouse of your choice.
  2. From there, add some kind sweater or hoodie of your choice. This could also include a lightweight cardigan (again your personal choice).
  3. I like to add a vest at this point to really make the layered look pop more.
  4. Next, to be more creative and fashionable, I would throw in a scarf, such as an infinity scarf or a regular, lightweight scarf.
  5. Lastly, and only if you want to, add some accessories, for example, earrings, bracelets, and even a watch. But again…  how you accessorize is totally up to you. This is your personal style, and as we all know, style is a way of saying who you are.
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