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Awaken Your Greatness During Women’s History Month

Blanche A. Williams
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Awaken your ‘sleeping giant’ this Women’s History Month and it will stay with you forever.  Are you ready to be great?

Bring to the surface and into the light, your inner strength, your inner courage and your awesome power to make great things happen in your life and in the lives of others.

Throughout your life’s journey you will explore and discover things about yourself that have remained dormant, been denied or have been subconsciously allowed to self-sabotage all your efforts to excel in various areas of your life.  These unhealthy and unproductive patterns, habits and behaviors can be re-designed and re-routed through re-education.

Create connections that will serve to accelerate your altitude toward achievement and excellence.  You will begin to open a clear and direct line to your main power source.  You will learn how to tap into the incredible gifts that God bestowed upon you at birth.  These gifts live within every cell, every muscle, every breath, and every thought.

You can use this guide for meditation and affirmation.

What keeps you from living in that knowing?  It’s simple; fear and self-doubt.  They are the culprits; the tiny whispers that undermine your fulfillment and happiness.  Together, they reek havoc on your good intentions, sound endeavors, dreams and hopes for the future.

Are you ready for battle?  Only you can rescue your stolen dreams, your stolen confidence, and stolen destiny. So, consider yourself in battle.

The enemy knows everything about you, because the enemy is you.  You know all your insecurities, secrets, embarrassments, fears and doubts.  If you can conquer the enemy within there is no-one or no-thing that will ever keep you down.

Ask any athlete what their biggest hurdle is and they will say themselves. The battles of life are fought and won in the mind.  Your subconscious mind sets the stage for every success or failure you will ever encounter in your life. Be prepared for battle, but more importantly, be prepared to WIN.

Try to remember the last time you had a great idea or thought and you talked yourself out of it.  The negatives inside and the negatives outside said, “come on, you can’t do this” and you believed them.  In that moment, you forgot who you really were, what incredible power you possess and from what lineage and legacy of authority you came from.

It’s never too late to revisit those thoughts with a new vision of yourself and a new mastery of your true potential.  Most of us exist within self-imposed prisons where we allow our minds to be brainwashed and our spirits to be broken.  Unlocking these chains and walking toward your freedom takes courage, strength, and the knowing that you have the power to face any fear and remove any doubt.

It’s time for you to connect with, claim, and command your power.

Excerpt from “How To Design Your Mind For Greatness” Audiobook by Blanche A. Williams ©

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