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Develop a Taste for Life In 2017

Blanche A. Williams
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There are a lot of changes going on, yet we can still live our most fulfilling lives.

We all deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life but often allow negative thoughts, people, or situations to spoil our appetite.  You have the power to create a healthy and happy menu for your life.

Planning for a delicious life requires having the best ingredients to complement and enhance the flavor of the goals and aspirations you have for yourself and your fellow sisters.

Here are a few core ingredients you should include in your life’s recipe:

  1. Feel good about yourself by exploring and embracing all that makes you unique and special.
  2. Feel optimistic about your life and the limitless possibilities you have as you embark upon your future.
  3. Feel empathetic about others by having compassion for the situations that others experience.
  4. Feel empowered by the choices you make to enrich your life.
  5. Feel blessed to enjoy the life you lead.

With a spoonful of positivity, a pinch of passion, and a dash of perseverance, you can serve up your best life ever!

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