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Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto – Declaration # 3

This series is designed to break down each level of the manifesto in order to guide you towards your sisterhood breakthrough…a breakthrough that allows you to fully embrace, claim, and demonstrate your understanding of what being sisterly means and being connected to one another through the circle of sisterhood.

The gender community of women is guided by those who rear and steer its members to be able to contribute towards and lead from where they find their strength.

Each Declaration within the Manifesto builds upon one another to ultimately attain a fullness and wholeness.

Every Declaration encourages you to ask 3 critical questions:

1. What does this mean to me or how does this relate to me?

2. How does this strengthen my journey?

3. How can I commit to incorporating this into my daily life and interactions?

Keep in mind that every word used has meaning. I will attempt to break it down, so there is clarity.  However, I encourage you to ask questions, make comments or suggestions. This is designed to create a conversation that leads to understanding while planting seeds of empowerment.

Declaration # 3: Revolutionize Our Thinking

Revolutionize our thinking by being willing to step outside our box of boundaries and self-imposed limitations.

We often limit ourselves because of the narrow perspective we have or that we accept coming from others that we hold in high esteem. Revolution requires a radical evolution of how you think about yourself in the context of the global neighborhood in which you reside.

Your mindset or process of thinking through life situations is the foundation of who you are becoming.


Embracing a radical transformation of thought can adjust your perspective of obstacles to be accepted as opportunities to elevate inwardly and evolve upwardly. The way you chose to view your life will determine how fully you live your life.

What could be considered a breaking point, can instead become your turning point due to a willingness to break down the walls of negativity, doubt, fear, and jealousy to rebuild a mindset strong, positive, and forward thinking.

Shatter our mind’s glass ceiling and learn to soar above the frays of mediocrity.

Our evolution as women and girls must be broadcast on all media and community levels in order to remove the mystery of how and why marginalizing, demeaning, and false images run rampant instead of realistic, powerful, poised images that serve to inspire and evoke a silent revolution with voice, value, and victorious vision.


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