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Learn More About Fashion Design

What is fashion design? Some may think of it as wearing designer labels, showing off one’s accessories, or having the newest brands that hit the market, but there is more to fashion design than meets the eye. Fashion design is a form of art; it involves creating clothing, accessories, and[…]

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Show Out to Work Out!

Have you ever gone to the gym only to observe everyone around you and this feeling of insecurity kicks in?  All of a sudden, you feel as though you don’t fit in and you start to lose the confidence that you had. Fitness is very important to maintain a healthy[…]

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Multicultural Fashion & Beauty

Our sisterhood is diverse and inclusive. Beauty and fashion come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Photo credit:  Leandro Justen Recommended from our shop 0shares Facebook0 Twitter0 Pinterest0 LinkedIn0 Tumblr Email0 Subscribe Your Email (required) Your Message (optional) Join Sisterhood Agenda’s Global Network Type the captcha below (required) Please leave this[…]

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