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Finding Sisterhood Through Yoga

Yes, finding sisterhood through yoga just might be a lot easier than you think:

“To embrace the true meaning of sisterhood is remembering to become the sister that we want to have in our lives.”

Ninety percent of the practitioners of yoga are female. What does that tell us about the story of yoga in both the modern sense as well as in the development of the practice of yoga?


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15 Ways to Feel Like a Real-Life Superwoman

You are a superwoman, capable of amazing feats involving skill, talent, and sheer willpower.

Now, it’s time to feel like a real-life Superwoman.  Like all great superheroes, you still need to know your limits and recharge your energy supplies.  In the meantime, keep making the world a better place by doing the following:

Use sisterhood strategies.[…]

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How Short is Too Short?

In countries all over the world, many are asking this question:  “When it comes to skirts and shorts, how short is too short?”

The picture above is from Germany where schools administrators are asking this very question. Short skirts are not appropriate everywhere and they are not for everyone.  For some,


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Fabulous Multi-Cultural Makeup: Professional Tips for All Skin Tones

Makeup can enhance the natural beauty of our diverse, multi-cultural sisterhood.  See what’s trending!


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Top 5 Reasons Why Gluten-Free Matters

We are hearing more about problems with gluten and the benefits of gluten-free foods.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains like barley and rye.  What makes them harmful is that they are often used in common foods that our bodies have trouble digesting.

What you should know:

In many countries,[…]

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