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How Short is Too Short?

Angela D. Coleman
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In countries all over the world, many are asking this question:  “When it comes to skirts and shorts, how short is too short?”

The picture above is from Germany where schools administrators are asking this very question. Short skirts are not appropriate everywhere and they are not for everyone.  For some, it depends on the generation-each generation seems to wear them shorter and shorter.

For others, it depends on school or work policy, which is designed to give the uniform appearance of conservative professionalism and prevent unnecessary distractions.  For example, this school uniform policy:

Short Skirts hemlines

Of course, not all miniskirts and short shorts are bad.  A lot of them are sexy and just plain cute!  I believe this:  standing and sitting are part of normal, daily human behavior and private parts are meant to stay private.

If you cannot comfortably stand or sit with your skirt or shorts on without exposing your genitalia, leave it alone.

This is what I taught in etiquette and life skill classes for girls.  Your opinion matters-what do you think?

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