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How to Be a Fashion Boss Even During a Pandemic

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Instead of prepping for Zoom meetings only from the waist up, you can still be a fashion boss all the time, head to toe.

Hair?  Messy buns are still trending (yeah, okay).  Makeup?  Too much fuss (it wasn’t before).  Pants?  Optional (debatable).

Are you that woman who used to be a fashionista now shuffling down the block, walking your dog with your sweatpants, medical mask, flip flops, earbuds, and hair bonnet?  Don’t be a fashion victim during COVID-19.

I know, I’ve been there, too.  While you think you are in your own world, we see you.  More importantly, you feel you.


By simply following these guidelines, you can hold onto your fashion mojo while still maintaining your individuality, comfort, and style.

How to Be a Fashion Boss Even During a Pandemic

These Do’s and Dont’s of How to Be a Fashion Boss Even During a Pandemic will show you the way.


  • Set higher standards for yourself regarding your daily appearance
  • Dress for yourself and only do what makes you feel good
  • Enhance your natural beauty naturally, with all-natural products
  • Get or make fashionable face masks to wear under medical ones; we are in this for the long-haul
  • Wear real shoes that support your feet and are stylish when you go out
  • Make food shopping a fashionable affair
  • Use any excuse to get dressed up to wear the clothes in your closet
  • Take this time to edit the clothes you really love versus those that you don’t need anymore
  • Have dates and dress-up days at home and outdoors
  • Use the kitchen to cook in high heels (yes, I do this)
  • Have a family fashion show
  • Use fashion to uplift you and your mood
  • Wear your nice jewelry (what are you saving it for?)
  • Take lots of happy pictures to show off and capture your different looks

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  • Alter your appearance for other people; others can inspire, but this is all about you
  • Stress yourself over your clothes
  • Allow a temporary circumstance like COVID-19 to bring you and your fashionable expressions down
  • Wear sweatpants or yoga pants more than once a week
  • Stop washing your body or your hair regularly
  • Forget about your nails, fingers and toes
  • Do anything unsafe for the sake of fashion-just wait until it is safe again
  • Compromise who you are due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Worry about what other people think about you
  • Be afraid to change and adapt; a new fashionista lifestyle that is different from your old self may be part of who you are becoming now
  • Compare yourself to others; be uniquely beautiful

Most of all, have fun with fashion!

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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