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Honoring Mother Nature Where Every Day is Earth Day

Angela D. Coleman
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Sisterhood Agenda Earth Day Girls Guide Being Green

When it comes to honoring Mother Nature and protecting the Earth, every day is Earth Day.  Small things make a difference and the more we do, the better our world can be. You make the difference.

Excepts from Girls Guide: How to Be Green by Angela D. Coleman:

“We need to be fierce, fly, beautiful, and green.  All we have to do is bring conscious energy and intellect into what we do and how we do it.  However, don’t over think it.  Being green is really not that difficult!  Let’s look at what we do each day.”


“At the most basic level, we breathe and reproduce as a small, yet significant part of her world.  In Mother Nature’s domain we are all valuable and loved.  We all have gifts and our lives are full of infinite possibilities.”

Mother Earth Loves You Earth Day

“There is no one way to be green and endless possibilities.  As you become more environmentally conscious, you will find the ways that make the most sense for you.  This is a guide that simply encourages your eco-enlightenment by providing a framework to start now.  These changes will inevitably last a lifetime and inspire future generations.”

What are you doing to honor and protect Mother Earth?

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