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When you leave home, do you have a makeup kit for travel?

If you have a big trip or vacation coming up, you must be thinking about the makeup you want to bring along. And I know that your first instinct is to pack all the eyeshadows, lipsticks, and palettes you own because who knows when you might need that lipstick you have never used! However, taking lots of makeup with you might not be such a great idea, and your best bet is to make a travel-friendly makeup kit that you can keep with you in your carry-on or backpack (especially if you plan to go trekking).

We will list the few essential makeup items that you need to create a day look, and also the products required to elevate your makeup for bolder nighttime makeup.

Makeup essentials for the day

  • A BB cream or tinted moisturizer

BB creams, or beautifying balms, are very travel-friendly because they pack the goodness of sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation in one tube.

  • A neutral pink or brown cream blush

Cream blushes are versatile products because not only do they add a natural flush to your cheeks, they can also be applied to the lips and eyes for a pop of color.

  • Tinted lip balm with SPF

A tinted balm will add color to your lips while keeping them hydrated and, with SPF, they will be protected from the sun.

  • A beauty blender

Beauty blenders serve a multitude of functions. From blending your BB cream to subtly applying a cheek stain, they do it all and you will definitely need one while traveling.

Makeup for a night look

Now that you have the basic items down, it’s time to add some products so you can get ready for a night out.

  • Eye pencil/ eyebrow pencil

A black, dark brown, or taupe pencil that can be used to line the eyes and fill in the brows is a great addition to your kit. Try to choose one that has a built-in sharpener.

  • A bright pink or red lip and cheek stain

This product will allow you to get bolder lips and flushed cheeks for a glamorous look.

  • A travel-sized mascara

No makeup look can be complete without a few quick swipes of mascara, so make sure to pack it!

  • A mini eyeshadow palette

A quad eyeshadow palette is a great addition to your makeup pack.  Not only with it allow you to emphasize your eyes, but you can also get creative and use the shimmery colors as a highlighter for your cheeks.

Some tips that may help

  1. Since the TSA puts a 3.4 oz limit on the liquids you can carry, your foundation or concealers may not be eligible to carry with you. To solve this, buy a few contact lens containers, concealers, and small plastic pots to easily pack your foundation and creams.
  2. Traveling is the perfect time to utilize the samples and travel-size products you may have collected over time.
  3. Instead of packing multiple lipsticks and individual eyeshadows, take lipstick and eyeshadow palettes with you.
  4. To pack everything neatly, invest in a good quality padded makeup bag so that your makeup stays organized and safe.
  5. Remember that you are beautiful, inside and out, no makeup required ♥.

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