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People used to make fun of full lips, but now it seems like everyone is interested in getting fuller lips without surgery.

If you have not been blessed with naturally juicy, luscious, full lips, no worries, and most importantly, get fuller lips without fillers.

No plastic surgery

These days, full lips are all the rage on social media. Everyone wants a picture-perfect pout just like certain celebrities on Instagram. Now, one of the ways to get full lips is getting lip injections, which is a process in which lips are injected with a filler compound to give the appearance of larger lips. This is the way most celebrities turn to, however, there are other safer methods to achieve the results that you desire. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can get the pout of your dreams without ever visiting the plastic surgeon’s office.

Ladies, always remember that you are gorgeous and your natural lips are stunning.

No celebrity should influence you to go under the knife! With these simple tricks and tips, you can easily get fuller and spectacular lips,

Lip balm

Firstly, to get fuller lips without surgery, you should invest in a plumping lip balm. Not only do these balms work wonderfully to hydrate the lips, but they also have various ingredients that will enhance the looks of the lips by increasing blood circulation and making them look fuller. You should look into products that contain collagen or peppermint, as collage has a naturally plumping effect while peppermint increases blood circulation. The tingling sensation you feel when applying these balms is due to the rush of blood to the lips, kind of like when you eat spicy food and your lips look swollen, but not as if you’ve just been punched in the mouth!

Lip Scrub

Another thing you can do for fuller lips is to use a lip scrub regularly. A lip scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells and smooths out the appearance of your lips. It also manually stimulates the lips to increase blood flow and works similarly to a plumping balm. A few minutes of gentle exfoliation and voila!  You will have fuller lips.

Both of these methods are great to enhance the appearance of your lips and increase the size; however, the blood rush will subside after a while and your lips will go back to their original size.


If you want your lips to look full throughout the day, then you should use makeup to highlight and define your lips along with these natural plumping methods. I’m going to walk you through some makeup tips so you can rock that pout every day!

Step 1:  find a lip liner that matches the exact shade of your lipstick (unless you are trying to be super-dramatic, it shouldn’t be darker!).  Step 2:  line your lips. While lining, overdraw ever so slightly but resist your temptation to go overboard. Then, Step 3:  fill in with a matte or satin finish lipstick, to get full coverage. From here, Step 4:   apply a highlighter to define your lips and cupid’s bow.  This will look pretty. Finish off, Step 5:  use a gloss that is one shade lighter than your lipstick to instantly get full-bodied lips.

So, go ahead and try these out!  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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