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Healing Trifecta: SEA, Air & Sun

Sisterhood Agenda

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Historically, cultures around the world have known, felt, and seen the health benefits of: 1) the mighty ocean, 2) fresh, clean air, and 3) the warm sun. Doctors and other health professionals recognize it, too.  It is what we can accurately describe as the Healing Trifecta.

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The Healing Trifecta is what inspires our women’s wellness SEA Retreat for your personal healing journey.  Sisterhood Agenda’s trauma-informed global wellness eco tourism retreats are appropriately facilitated for only a couple of select guests at a time whom stay with us at our SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy eco-friendly headquarters on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.


The SEA is an ideal location to feel the effects of the Healing Trifecta.  Stay at one of our oceanfront eco suites, enjoy our sunny warm climate, preserved park lands, and white sand beaches while you receive customized, one-on-one holistic wellness services, restful peace, ocean healing, and enlightenment.

We also have specialized services for women veterans.

Read more about our SEA Retreat

Are you ready to make time for yourself? Benefit from the SEA with SEA Retreat consultations, daily, 3- and 5-day packages.  Spaces and dates are limited, provided on a first-come basis.

Contact the SEA to learn more.

Photo credit: Misha, “Day Trips From St. John”
Reprinted from with permission

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