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Sisterhood Agenda

When sisters come together, we are stronger.  We take turns leading. Explore the history of the Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto with this one-on-one interview with the author of the Sisterhood Manifesto, Blanche A. Williams, MS:

When did you first start thinking about creating a Sisterhood Manifesto for women and girls?
While facilitating “Sisterhood Circles of Greatness,” throughout the country, introducing the Sisterhood of Greatness Pledge in association with my Audiobook, How to Design Your Mind For Greatness, I understood that this initial commitment to sisterhood was the first step.

In order for a substantive paradigm shift to take hold, I needed to design a detailed blueprint to help transform the mindset and, thus, the behavior of our developing young women and girls.

The mission of the Sisterhood of Greatness was to develop a “global circle of sisters” that collectively explored, shared and nurtured their inner greatness. It was designed to create a greater sense and appreciation of self while facilitating a greater sense of connection within our global sisterhood of consciousness:

“Sisterhood represents a code of excellence in consciousness, character, and conduct. It requires all the members of its circle to operate at their highest and most divine state of distinction.”

When was the Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto published?
The Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto was first published in 2010.

Why have you chosen to partner and share your Sisterhood Manifesto with Sisterhood Agenda?
I have been following the efforts, growth, and collaborations of the Sisterhood Agenda led by visionary, Angela D. Coleman, for a decade. As you can see from the progression of my life’s work, we have many common threads.

I have a deep admiration for its accomplishments and efforts of inclusion, creative engagement, and substantive programming designed to empower girls, from the inside out.

“By strengthening our sisterhood we strengthen the world. I am honored to stand beside Angela and the Sisterhood Agenda.


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