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Ladies, Have a Back-up Man: Research Says We Are Programmed to Do It Anyway

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Researchers at the University of Texas offer evidence that women cheat or typically leave at least one option available because they are wired to have a back-up man.  The Daily Nation sums up the researchers perspectives.

Neither men nor women may be naturally monogamous, but instead, wired to regularly switch mates.  According to the report: “Breaking up with one partner and re-mating with another may more accurately characterize the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.”

When your partner starts acting up, research supports the idea of looking elsewhere: “Affairs serve as a form of insurance, by keeping a back-up mate, should a mate switch be required in the future when the regular mate cheats, defects, dies or declines in value,” the researchers reported.

You have to admit that if your mate “defects, dies or declines in value,” it might be time to start considering something different.  According to the study:

Women are always measuring their mates against other single men and they consider cheating if the mate value of their current partners is found wanting.

What might be most useful for women looking for love is the idea that breakups are not relationship failures, but smart upgrading, which is a more empowering perspective:

“Although break-ups are often seen as ‘failures’, humans are designed to dump current mates and acquire new ones in circumstances when mate switching would have been advantageous,’ said the researchers.

Women have been doing this for centuries!  The research report explains that male survival rates were low in our ancestral relationships and, as a result, women tended to choose the man with the highest ability to survive.

However, they always had a second choice just in case their primary choice died or failed to live up to expectations. “Ancestral women lacking a back-up mate would have suffered a lapse in protection and resources,” one of the researchers explained.


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