Sisterhood Agenda


How We Define Success in Business & Life

How we define success in business and in life is key to our happiness.

This article is a reminder for everyone who is working hard in their business right now, even if it seems like other people are having an easier time.

Remember this: there will undoubtedly be periods in your business when you can’t see any end in sight.


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Red Flags in a Relationship and Letting Go

Spotting red flags in a relationship can be quite challenging when you’re madly in love or if you’ve been with your partner for a really long time.

But how much is enough? When will it be enough? Do you think you deserve the treatment you’re getting?

There’s a thin line between self-entitlement and knowing your worth.


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Domestic Violence: Finding Love After Trauma

Re-victimization. It’s a fancy word used to describe secondary negative consequences that have been caused by an initial trauma. Post-traumatic stress: the combined flashbacks and anxiety triggered by vivid memories of the initial trauma.

According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, one in three American women will experience intimate partner violence at least once in their lives.


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