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Weight loss and self-care go hand-in-hand.  Think about it…

If you spend hours in the gym working out to achieve your ideal body weight, does that mean that you hate how you look right now? Most people will answer a resounding “Yes” to this question, however, the truth may not be as simple!

The foundation of self-love is self-care.  You must accept and love yourself enough to be motivated to take care of yourself, including how you eat, exercise, work, rest, and play:

If you accept your body with all its flaws, yet you want to shed a few pounds to be more healthy and active, that is a sign of self-love and self-care!

If you start your weight-loss journey with the mindset of self-care, it can be a fulfilling experience and you will be healthier by the end of it.  Your aim should be to become the best version of yourself instead of just losing weight to fit in a particular social standard or dress size.

Try to take small steps and stay consistent in your efforts to get the best results.  Be proud of yourself for putting in the effort!

Now let’s look at a few things you can try to stay positive during this journey.

  • It is important that you see every day as a new beginning and don’t criticize yourself on your past mistakes. Start every day better than the last.
  • Give yourself a compliment every day, no matter how small your achievement it. This creates a positive attitude and you will strive to get better every day.
  • Don’t aim to lose 15 pounds in a week because that isn’t a reasonable goal! Keep your goals achievable, and focus on your health rather than the numbers on the scale. If you start feeling more active and energetic, you’re on the right track.

Above all, keep weight loss and self-care together in your mind:

Don’t put too much strain on yourself and be confident in the body you have.

If you keep these simple tips in your mind when you begin losing weight, your body will thank you for it!

Photo credit:  Pexels, Godisable Jacob

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