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If you are going to do homeschooling, it’s best to do it right.  We encourage you to do your research, use established curricula, utilize worksheets and technology, and plan, plan, plan.

Did you know that Sisterhood Agenda’s curriculum manuals and activity guides for girls are great resources for homeschooling and virtual learning, too?

Many of our children are learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is often the safest route for our collective health.  However, it requires adaptation and often, additional resources.  Your girls also need something just for them.

Like working from home, we need to be prepared for any type of homeschooling and virtual learning situation.

Sisterhood Agenda’s manuals and guides, including our Shop Downloads, are sure to help you supplement your academic content.

Our SisterCamp activity guide alone has 345 activities!

Download this free online learning teaching tool:

Below, you will find many examples of how you can use items from our shop to integrate engaging activities and learning into your homeschooling curriculum, plus support a worthy cause at the same time:

Teacher tools

These are for you!  As an educator, we want to help you do your best.

Extracurricular fun

Empowerment jewelry with crystals

How-to advice and self-help

Most Sisterhood Agenda resources are self-help.  These items are for your students.

Girls Guide is a quick read and most of them consist of about 50 pages. These resources are available as downloads from our shop and as Ebooks on Amazon, too.

Self-esteem for Black girls

Environment and climate change

History and heritage

Your students will benefit from the unique historical lessons featured in these resources:

Self-care and stress management

To encourage holistic health and healing among your students:

Diet and nutrition, fitness

Arts and crafts

Support services

Sisterhood swag

Learn more

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Girls Guide: How to Be a Sister


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Healing Affirmations

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Life After ACEs



How to Create a Healing Space to Empower Women & Girls


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