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Summer Must-Haves For Every Woman

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Summer must-haves for every woman! This includes stylish wardrobe essentials and accessories to complete any look and, most importantly, to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the summer sun.

We’re also going to include ways to build your stylish summer wardrobe!

1. Summer must-haves won’t be complete without shades

Photo Credit: davidowaga, Pexels


There is no doubt that sunglasses are the most important part of a summer wardrobe.

Polaroid shades will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you drive to work or spend most of your days outside, invest in a good pair of shades and have a cheaper one for back up!


2. A hat or an umbrella

Photo Credit: Amazon

A hat or an umbrella is a total summer must-have.

The hat adds a sophisticated touch to any wardrobe and that’s not all! It also saves you from a bad hair day.

Fedoras would make a good addition to anything or make a huge statement hat for a day at the beach. It will look absolutely eye-catching on photos as well.

3. Sunscreen

Photo Credit:

Well, for obvious reasons, you need sunscreen. And this is something that you can’t ignore! Sunburns are terrible and painful. It will ruin your summer.

Skin cancer, on the other hand, is also a possibility if you bask in the sun without protecting your skin with sunscreen. SPF45 and above will do the trick!

Global warming makes sun exposure even more damaging.

If you love your skin, don’t forget your sunscreen ladies!

4. Shorts

Photo Credit: Wallace Chuck, Pexels

Shorts are definitely one of the most comfortable summer must-haves!

This is the only time of the year when you can wear something that you don’t have to hide your legs.  Denim shorts are definitely a go-to wardrobe piece.

Pair your shorts with a plain or white t-shirt or blouse and strappy sandals for a casual look or white sneakers.

5. Maxi Dress

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s always a good decision to wear a long, flowy dress during the summer.  They are cool and comfortable and allow your body to breathe.

You can get comfortable and beat the summer heat in style. Pair it with a hat and strappy sandals and you’ll be looking like Blake Lively on Gossip Girl a.k.a. Serena Van Der Woodsen.

6. White Pants

Photo Credit:

Anything goes with white pants. This could be your go-to outfit if you have colorful tops that are quite difficult to match with other colors.  White pants contrast with dark-colored tops.

There’s also something about white that looks pleasing to the eye:  clean and crisp.

7. Plain White Tee

Photo Credit: Jonathan Faria, Pexels

A white shirt can be worn with shorts, skirts, pants and you can even layer it with a denim jacket.

It also enhances the appearance of your lustrous summer tan.

8. Strappy Sandals


Wearing strappy sandals is like walking on air.  They are perfect for the hot weather as you let your feet breathe. Ditch your closed shoes and pumps and keep your feet from being sweaty!



9. Denim Jacket

Photo Credit: Nappy, Pexels

You want to keep a denim jacket handy when you’re out at night and temperatures start to drop. You can wear your denim jacket while still maintaining that summer casual look.

10. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are airy and breathable pants that don’t touch the skin.  They can be made of chiffon or linen.

This goes perfectly with a crop top, tank top, sleeveless or a plain shirt.

Wear pants without sacrificing your comfort.

11. T-Shirt Dress


The latest in comfort, you can wear a t-shirt dress whether you’re going to work or you’re just hanging out with a friend for lunch or dinner.

It’s simple and effortlessly elegant.

A summer must-have, last but not least…

12. A Short Linen Dress




Don’t you need a linen or cotton something during the summer? This mini-dress will make you fall for it. It just slides down your body.  Its soft and cottony texture lets you breathe.

It’s so classy and decent you can never go wrong with it. Match them with strappy sandals or a pair of flip flops!






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