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5 Signs It’s Time For a New Beginning

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There are 5 signs that it’s time for a new beginning.

Are you ready?

When things start to look very dire and not so great, try not to think about it as THE END, but the start of a NEW BEGINNING instead.  The death of what used to be is often the Universe’s way of starting over.

A new beginning is a time of rebirth, renewal, and power. Full of potential, new beginnings represent the potential of infinite possibilities.

Tracy Chapman sums it up beautifully with her song, New Beginning, and music video:

Many times, we resist a new beginning due to fear.  We are comfortable in what we know, even if it is dysfunctional.  We are afraid of change and are faster to resist the natural tide than go with the flow of the unknown future that lies before us.  But knowing these 5 signs can help you move forward more quickly and easily.


1. Your results are changing.

What used to work, no longer works.  While 1 + 1 used to equal 2, now it doesn’t.  Bandage solutions become clearly ineffective.  Obviously, there has been a shift.

Don’t ignore things when you no longer get the results that you used to get and don’t receive what you need.  See it as a sign that it is time to adapt.  Do something about it.  Break the cycle.  Be open and willing to change instead of trying to force a round peg in a square hole.

The one constant in life is change.

2. The people around you are dropping off.

For whatever reason, you no longer relate to the people around you, such as your family, associates, and friends.  Because you no longer relate them to them the same way, you lose interest and connection with each other. Like weeds that are plucked from the ground to keep the plant healthy or a husk that has been discarded after metamorphosis, they have to go.

The folks who are left have been naturally selected, just for you.  They are true believers, ride or die supporters. Keep them and look for opportunities to expand your group based on who you are now, not who you used to be.


3. Your day-to-day routine is becoming unbearable.

You look around and see that everything is all wrong. You may question your capacity to make a positive difference, yet know deep down inside you know that you can.  You want and need to do something different-really badly, right away.  You know that there is important work to do.

When you work, work with intention.  And if you believe that you are already working with intention, take a step back.  Modify your intention appropriately based on the integrity of that intention, plus what is wanted and needed right now.

4. You feel a need to start a new project.

Whether it’s gardening or a new wardrobe, decorating your house, reading or writing a new book, you are starting something.  What you start brings you joy and creates something where nothing existed before.  You may even feel a strong desire to wipe the slate completely clean.  You can get the same impact from radically changing something that exists into something radically different and unrecognizable.

There is empowerment in the process of starting something new.

5. People begin to mobilize around new causes.

This is a clue that not only are we changing individually, the population of the entire world is changing, too. It always does.

Mass changes, such as movements, protests, new norms and laws, are responses to mass issues:

Instead of being fragmented in separate groups, people unify to voice concerns, resolve issues, and change the world.

Are you going to be the dinosaur that goes extinct or the bird that couldn’t fly before but grew new wings?  You will find company with like-minded individuals and groups who also want to grow new wings and fly.

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