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Christmas Gifts 2020 – In the Time of a Pandemic

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Christmas gifts for this year might be a little tricky.  Family gatherings are still discouraged and most of us or maybe all of us can’t see each other in person. However, don’t be sad because you can still treat your loved ones to some special gifts this season.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late.

You can always ship your presents to your loved ones! Thanks to door-to-door delivery and online shipping, we can still give.

Right now, it is understandable if you are cutting costs. There are other gift ideas that are non-tangible and can be useful for someone who doesn’t go out AT ALL.

In this article, we’re going to list not just one category but two!

Here, you can find COVID-19 lockdown-appropriate Christmas gifts and gifts that are under $10 that you can ship to your family and friends!

1. Food subscription

A food subscription is a perfect gift for someone who is not able to go out, someone who doesn’t have the time to cook healthy meals, and/or someone who doesn’t know how to cook. Daily Harvest is a food subscription service that delivers healthy meals made with fruits and vegetables.

And now is the ideal time, more than ever, to eat clean and practice a healthy lifestyle.  Especially when this deadly virus can compromise your health, a good immune system is your weapon against it.

There are dozens of food delivery subscription services out there.  You just choose what’s available in your area. Now, how unique is this gift?

2. Shiatsu back shoulder & neck massager with heat

This year has been incredibly painful for our backs if you’re a student who goes to online classes or a working Mom who sits working on the computer all day long.  A back massage a perfect way to cap an exhausting day.

The good thing is you don’t need someone to do it for you when you have a Resteck Neck and Back Massager to relieve your muscle pain.

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. A Christmas gift for a plant-parent -a plant subscription

This is the absolute gift for a plant-parent. There’s nothing more exciting for a plant-parent than a new plant! House Plant Shop delivers seeds in a season that you can plant on your own complete with a kit! It’s also a fun way to bond with your kids at home (if you have them) and teach them about science and the environment.

4. A meditation app subscription on Insight Timer

When the pandemic started, it surely brought emotional disturbance, worries, and anxieties among us. People losing jobs, getting sick, and the fear that the virus is spreading and the thought that it could be you or someone you love next.

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your thoughts and to take your mind off the current dilemmas that you have. If there’s something that I’ve realized from isolation, it is to take care of your mental health.

An Insight Timer subscription is a great gift for someone who worries a lot, thinks too much, and is crippled with anxiety.

Photo Credit: The British Academy of Sound Therapy

5. A fashionable face mask for Christmas Eve and New Year’s

Just because we have to wear face masks all throughout this season doesn’t mean we no longer have to be fashionable!  Read more about being a fashion boss during the pandemic.

Now, we are not encouraging you to attend parties. But this would be a pretty festive mask to wear when you’re going to run some errand, buy gifts, or essentials. This sequined reusable 3D Face is the new bling!

6.  A relaxing lavender hybrid bubble bath

It’s a relaxing bubble bath to help you sleep, as it soothes your muscles and caresses your senses with its pure lavender essential oil and aloe vera. It’s not only a relaxing treat for you to relax, it’s also a great moisturizer.


Photo Credit:


Meanwhile here are the coolest gifts that you can get for under $10:

7. Eco-friendly Christmas gifts such as these Portable Reusable Drinking Straws | Collapsible & Foldable

Photo Credit: Amazon

For that one friend or family member who won’t quit using plastic straws, this cool straw might get them to convert into sustainable living.

8. An appreciation booklet for Grandma

Grandmas are special and as much as we can – we should tell them how much we love and appreciate them. Aren’t you comfortable in expressing affection vocally? An appreciation book will help you get your message across and make Grandma’s Christmas this year extra special, especially if you’re not seeing her this time for a family reunion.

There are also versions for Grandpa here.

9. Christmas gifts for the wine connoisseur Wine Tumbler | Double Wall

This insulated double wall tumbler will be perfect for wine night! Your drink will stay chilled for 9 hours! This does not only limit you to cold drinks, you can also use it for your coffee or tea as it stays hot for 3 hours! Isn’t that cool?


Photo Credit: Amazon

Plus, the color selection is captivating:  from Rose Gold to Mermaid Sparkle and more!

10. Perfect Christmas gifts for the skincare addict, an affordable sheet mask that doesn’t disappoint

According to beauty experts, most of the sheet masks that you can buy for less than $10 is just like buying a wet sheet cloth with little not effect on the skin. However, this sheet mask by Glam Up is a game-changer.

Photo Credit: Amazon

It doesn’t leave skin sticky and the sheet is tough enough that you can actually fold it up and use it a second time with the leftover serum in the pouch. You can see a noticeable improvement after only a couple of uses.

There you have it, sister!  These are the coolest gifts you can get for your loved ones this year.

We hope that you are well and safe and that you celebrate this season with a heart full of joy and your soul filled with peace.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Seasons Greetings from Sisterhood Agenda.

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