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Why That Gossip Girl Can’t Be Your Sister-Friend

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A sister is a friend for life.  Someone who will be there for you through all of life’s journeys.  She is your confidante, your rock in turbulent waters.

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It goes something like this:  “Psst… did you hear the news?  Let me tell you:  Cal found out Jenny cheated on him and now it looks like he moved out.  And I heard that Sue lost her job on Friday? She has NO money.”

Unfortunately, if your sister-friend is a gossip girl, your relationship with her is extremely limited.  You are unable to fully trust her with your secrets.  Chances are, you are a source for her gossip, too.

Trust and confidence, the foundation of any healthy relationship, is gone.  Gossip girls can never really be your friend because their actions are so different from what a true friend would do. If she violated Jenny and Sue’s trust and privacy, she will do it to you, too.

Gossip is negative energy.  It is like verbal poison and witchcraft.  Gossip is an assault against the subject, regardless whether he or she knows about it.  Gossip hurts people, especially when it is not truth.  People often say things about people to others that they would never say to that person directly.

Why do some people gossip?  There are many reasons:

  • They want to feel relevant as a source of the latest news
  • They put down others to feel better about themselves
  • By sharing secret information with you, they feel closer to you
  • By disliking the same person, they feel a bond with you
  • They grew up gossiping and just can’t seem to stop

Like mean girls, leave gossip-girls alone! Recognize them when you see them so that you can block them from your life.  Seek out a friend who can be your sister.  Someone who is loyal, uplifts you, and doesn’t hesitate to help you.  Someone who will not tell your secrets or throw you under the bus for cheap gossip thrills.

Are you “friends” with a gossip girl?

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