Sisterhood Agenda

Women’s Empowerment

What Makes Sisterhood Powerful?

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We know what makes sisterhood powerful.  Do you?  Is your sisterhood powerful?  There are many aspects to an empowered sisterhood such as:


The Kardashian sisterhood is mostly built upon qualities #1, 2, and #3. 


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Become a Woman Techmaker with Google

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Do you know how to become a woman Techmaker with Google?  Google is surprisingly homogeneous when it comes to hiring practices with very only 30% of its workforce comprised of women and less than 5% of Black, Hispanic, and Other (both male and female) employees:

google-numbers2google-numbers2The fact remains that managers tend to hire people who look and act like themselves. 


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What SuperGirl Looks Like

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Girls are excited to see SuperGirl! Many feminists are happy to finally see a female superhero on television. While many are applauding the increased diversity in Hollywood, CBS Network decided to create a SuperGirl who looks like the promotional picture above.

Young Justice colors final croppedYoung Justice colors final cropped

In reality,


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4 Ways to Overcome Discrimination

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