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Because of Sandra, More Women are Becoming Mechanics in Nigeria

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Ladies can be mechanics, too!  Sisterhood Agenda global partner, Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI), was founded in Nigeria to teach women mechanic skills to improve their employment options and standards of living.

“LMI envisions a world where an empowered emancipated cultured and nurtured womanhood engages the vulnerable and less privilege of society in an unending embrace of warmth,


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What Makes Sisterhood Powerful?

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We know what makes sisterhood powerful.  Do you?  Is your sisterhood powerful?  There are many aspects to an empowered sisterhood such as:


The Kardashian sisterhood is mostly built upon qualities #1, 2, and #3. 


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Become a Woman Techmaker with Google

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Do you know how to become a woman Techmaker with Google?  Google is surprisingly homogeneous when it comes to hiring practices with very only 30% of its workforce comprised of women and less than 5% of Black, Hispanic, and Other (both male and female) employees:

google-numbers2google-numbers2The fact remains that managers tend to hire people who look and act like themselves. 


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What SuperGirl Looks Like

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Girls are excited to see SuperGirl! Many feminists are happy to finally see a female superhero on television. While many are applauding the increased diversity in Hollywood, CBS Network decided to create a SuperGirl who looks like the promotional picture above.

Young Justice colors final croppedYoung Justice colors final cropped

In reality,


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