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How to Adapt Your Progams and Services to COVID

how to adapt your programs and services to COVID
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Do you wonder how you and your agency can adapt your programs and services to COVID, keep your mission alive, and stay relevant?  You are not the only one.  All of us are doing the same thing.  We have to be smart and creative.

We have to keep going because our communities need us, often now more than ever.

Use Sisterhood Agenda as a model

Sisterhood Agenda’s COVID response is comprehensive, multi-layered, consistent with our mission and focus on sustainability, promotes holistic health and emotional wellness, and is environmentally friendly.  You can adapt your programs and services to COVID in this way, too.

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Virtual activities

While most agencies have been responding to the renewed interest in converting to virtual activities (yes, we have, too!), our adaptation to the coronavirus pandemic has been a long time coming since Sisterhood Agenda began its global expansion in 2005.

Just as safety is predicting best strategies for programs in the COVID era, accessibility has also been driving our expansion of online offerings.

Outdoor spaces & testing

In addition to virtual programs, courses, and services, Sisterhood Agenda is also expanding its outdoor spaces to accommodate safe gatherings.  We will hold more in-person education, support, and empowerment activities at its SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a U.S. Territory.

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With its tropical environment and average weather of warmth and sunshine (85 degrees every day of the year), CoVID-19 is well-controlled on the small island of St. John; there are fewer than 100 COVID-related deaths in the entire U.S. Virgin Islands Territory and currently no active cases on St John.

To travel to the Virgin Islands, which is convenient for our global partners in the United States due to the ability to travel to the Caribbean without a passport, a negative COVID test is required for entry.  Sisterhood Agenda will also test its participants on-site as an extra safety precaution.

Communal events and gatherings will be held outdoors in tented, lush spaces surrounded by ocean and greenery.  Indoor spaces have proper ventilation with extra-large screened windows and doors, plus fans to take advantage of trade winds and cross ventilation.

The importance of ventilation

In addition to our Virgin Islands program location, our new program spaces in Maryland will be established with COVID-safety protocols.  Specifically, we are emphasizing forested outdoor, open pavilion spaces equipped with both woodburning firepits and propane-fueled warming lamps to maintain comfort outdoors.  Indoor spaces here will also include proper ventilation, purifying air filtration, and fans.

What are you and your agency doing to adapt your programs and services to COVID? Share below!

Photo credit:  Sajad Nori, Unsplash

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