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International Women’s Day 2016

Sisterhood Agenda

March 8th in International Women’s Day and here are the reasons why Sisterhood Agenda is thrilled to celebrate it!


The theme #PledgeForParity. Women have made enormous strides in the workforce, however according to the U.S. Census Bureau women are still paid an average of 77% of what there male counterparts earn.  According to the United Nations, globally, 3 out of every 4 hours of unpaid labor is performed by women.


International Women’s Day tackles the wage gap holistically.  By helping women and girls to achieve their ambitions, promoting respect and non-bias in the workplace, promoting flexibility and calling for gender based leadership we can erode the pay and opportunity gap from all angles. Promoting flexible workplaces that allow women to balance both their careers and family life without sacrificing job promotion or pay increases is imperative to combating the gender wage gap.


International Women’s Day promotes sisterhood by encouraging women to pledge to “help women and girls to achieve their ambitions.” By ensuring that all career fields are truly open and accessible to women and girls, and helping women and girls to visualize themselves in typically male dominated fields we can narrow the wage gap. The Atlantic states that encouraging STEM careers among young women will help to bring women’s wages more in line with that of their male counterparts.  Sisterhood Agenda works diligently with its 3,500 sponsors to promote education globally.


It allows users to pledge their commitment to a particular idea of gender equality. How about pledging to “challenge conscious and unconscious bias?” You can read here for some ways to overcome discrimination.


And finally…  International Women’s Day encourages men to participate in the#PledgeForParity because equal pay is not just a women’s issue.

Visit International Women’s Day to learn more about how you can pledge or to find an event near you.

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