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Top 10 Best Summer Activities for Girls

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Boredom during summer months out of school can inadvertently encourage technology abuse and may lead to the exploration of activities that have nothing to do with self-development.  Planned summer activities for girls during this important time can make a big difference.

When Sisterhood Agenda implemented its SisterCamp:  Summer Enrichment Program for several years (reboot coming soon!), we saw firsthand which activities engaged girls the most.

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Girls ages 4-13 really enjoy these summer activities for girls, however, youth counselors and older adults loved them, too!

  1. Swimming, at least twice each week
  2. Dramatic arts such as plays and musical theater
  3. Dancing, classes and competitions
  4. Singing, chorus and solo
  5. Art projects, including painting and sewing
  6. Jumping rope, single, Double Dutch
  7. Affirmations and breathing exercises
  8. Computer time with technology lessons
  9. Writing, for example, journals
  10. Sisterhood, team-building activities

P.S. Don’t forget the snacks, rest and relaxation time after lunch!

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